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M.P. Walker Well Drilling | South Jersey

We provide Well Drilling in South Jersey, including Irrigation Drilling, Geothermal Drilling, Well Service, Well Repair, Well Inspection & Certification, Well Sealing & Abandonment (Decommissioning), and more.

We handle all aspects of well drilling for South Jersey residential and commercial clients, including the securing of permits, markouts for your property, well inspections, and ordering of well water tests.

New Water Well Installations, Replacement and Repairs in South Jersey

Whether you need a brand new water well system drilled and installed in South Jersey, an old well needs to be replaced, or you want to repair an existing well, M.P Walker can help. We install, replace and service water well systems in South Jersey for residential and commercial properties, both new construction and existing homes and facilities. After decades of well drilling in South Jersey, we know the geology so well that we can tell you almost instantly if we have to drill 75 feet, 400 feet, or somewhere in between.

We drill every South Jersey water well with equipment that we own and maintain. No subcontractors – ever. This ensures that all work meets M.P. Walker's high standards.
The Value of Our Expertise

We had a customer who was told by two companies that he needed a new water well system for his South Jersey home. When we inspected the system, we soon realized that the well was in great shape. The problem required a simple pressure switch adjustment, and we had to recalibrate the system. We saved the customer thousands of dollars that day.

Too many water well companies in the South Jersey area simply condemn a system because it's old. If a well system needs to be replaced, or we don't think a simple repair will do the trick, we'll tell you. If servicing your system will achieve your desired outcome and buy you some time until you have to replace the well, we'll tell you. We'll always explain your options and offer our expert recommendation so you can make the best decision when it comes to your South Jersey water well.

Well Water Is Safe and Clean

Don't assume well water is contaminated just because it's underground. The fact is, all water in South Jersey is well water. The only difference is that municipalities have larger wells and distribute it to more people across long distances through their pipelines. That's why they have to use chlorine to keep out bacteria. Municipal water is also more expensive.

A properly drilled and installed water well for your South Jersey home or business will provide the same and often higher quality water than a municipality. Your water well system will be private and contained, it won't require chlorine to keep the water safe and clean, and you can use as much water as you want without restrictions.

We offer the following residential and commercial water well services across South Jersey:

Contact Us for Water Well Drilling and Services in South Jersey

Before you decide to install, replace or service your South Jersey water well, contact us for an honest assessment and recommendation.

Contact Cindy at 856-478-6618 to learn more about our well drilling, well pump, tank and water treatment services in South Jersey.