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Water Softener

We provide Water Treatment, Filters, Purifiers & Softeners in South Jersey (including Gloucester, Burlington, Salem, Atlantic & Camden County NJ), including Reverse Osmosis and UV Water Purifiers.

What Don't You Like About Your Water?

This is the first question we ask our customers before we recommend water treatment service, change filters, or recommend the installation of a water purifier or ion exchange water softener. Some of the more common responses from our customers include:

  • Low pH and Acidic Water (Blue-Green Staining)
  • High Iron (Red/Brown Staining)
  • Hard Water (White Chalky Staining)
  • Manganese (Black Slime)
  • Gross Alpha/Radium
  • Sediment and Sand
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (Rotten Egg Smell)

Remember, we do all our own work, with NO subcontractors.

Because we drill our own water wells across South Jersey, we know the geology of the area. And we can conduct our own onsite water test to determine the cause of water problems.

M.P. Walker Water Well Drilling - South Jersey Well Pumps & Tanks
Water Softener

What Exactly Does that Water Analysis Mean?

Customers will often have a water analysis completed by a professional lab, especially if they're buying or selling a home. This analysis can show a number of metrics. Then what? How do you fix the problem? For example, you can install an acid neutralizer to correct a pH problem, but that could give you hard water.

It's important to understand that every mineral has a precipitative material when oxidized with heat. Chemicals bring out minerals in water. Water treatment reduces these minerals to a safe, manageable level.

Based on the results of water analysis by us or a third-party lab, we install and service a wide range of water treatment systems in South Jersey, including salt-free water conditioning units that eliminate the need to carry large bags of salt to your water treatment system. We always treat water in its raw form to ensure compliance with state and county standards.

Tell us what you don't like about your water, and we'll explain what we can do to fix it.

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